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"Short-time" time-lapse is just that, taking a shorter time. Instead of months of construction being filmed, it may be only days. We also call it "ground footage" when one of our photographers goes on a construction site to film a few hours of plastering, or a concrete pour or the installation of a particular facade piece.

Las Vegas is again the perfect place to hone our time-lapse skills . Short-time projects are mostly done for conventions or corporate events which are Las Vegas staples. Our crews are quite savvy about the rules and regs that cover access to the convention floor because they are part of the Stage Hands union. In fact they are quite skilled at fabricating and installing our various equipment on site because many have done installations of video walls, stages for live feeds and behind the scenes electronics for convention shows for years.

For instance, Panasonic is putting together a brand new look with a new booth design so they contract us to film the construction through tear down, often with 3 days of convention visitors in between. We put a camera (or two) up in the catwalk of the convention facility or on the floor if there is good security and the event is filmed start to finish. Or Microsoft is hosting a show for it's top executives, with dinner, entertainment and speakers and going all out with the decor and large video screens. We put our cameras up when the room is completely empty and film the entire production til the room is empty again.

Just as conventions are a way for companies to showcase their innovative designs and upcoming products, our time-lapse films are a way to record the display of them. Companies not only look for us to record the creation of their new booth, but often come back to us year after year as they make it more spectacular.

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