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The Grand Slam Canyon or "Adventurdome" as it is called today, was another unique "only in Las Vegas" project. Who would have thought that a building housing nothing but amusement rides for kids and attractions like "Marvin the Martian in the 3rd Dimension" would ever be built on the Las Vegas strip. Well, not actually the strip, but very near and right behind the famed Circus Circus hotel lies Americas largest (5 acre) indoor amusement theme park.

The vice-President of Circus Circus Properties, Mel Larsen, who also commissioned our first time-lapse film of the Luxor Hotel, was responsible for this venture as well. The film was shot from the roof of the twenty-ninth floor of the Circus Circus tower, overlooking the west parking lot of the Circus Circus casino. An exciting building because the dome design is made entirely of pink tinted glass. Each pane weighs approximately 300 lbs and the dome itself consist of over 350,000 sq ft of pink insulated glass placed over a teal green frame.

The $90 million project took a little over a year to complete and even though it was started later, it opened before the Luxor Hotel in August of 1993. We learned again that having one camera shooting a project does not make a film. Cut-aways and other views are needed to make an interesting final product and not bore the audience. But this time-lapse seemed to be nothing more than a record of construction for the resort company. The hotel had changed hands by the time the final construction was finished and nothing more was ever done with the film.

Knowing what we know today, we would have insisted on doing footage of the installation of things like the Canyon Blaster: The world's largest indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster, and some of the other awesome attractions.

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